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Back of the Destination Ticket cards

Long route

Regular route

I created 50 Destination Ticket cards:

  • 12 long routes with a blue background
  • 38 regular route

​The distribution of the Tickets follows the official rules of TTR Europe:


  • "Take the deck of Destination Tickets and separate the long routes (with a blue background) from the regular routes.
  • Shuffle the long routes, and randomly deal 1 to each player. Put any remaining long routes back in the game box without letting anyone see them.
  • Now shuffle the regular Destination Tickets, deal 3 to each player and place the remainder in a draw pile face down.
  • At the beginning of the game, before taking their first turn, players must choose which Destination Tickets they will keep from among those they were initially dealt. Each player must keep a minimum of 2 tickets although they may keep more.
  • Put any Destination Tickets you wish to discard back in the game box without letting any of the other players see them. The Tickets that are put away may either be long routes or regular ones. The tickets you decide to keep are held until the end of the game."

3-Way Ticket

4-Way Ticket

Multi-way Tickets

Inspired from special Destination Tickets of the official TTR Switzerland edition, to add a little more strategy in the game I created 9 particular Multiway Tickets:


  • 2 of 12 long routes
  • 7 of 38 regular routes

Some oversea Cities/Countries are reachable from different sardinian seaports, so a player must plan the most convenient path, depending on the game situations. Successfully completed tickets have a single value, regardless of chosen routes. Pay attention! A Multiway Ticket is valid for only one path (freely chosen).

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